Things we love: Peonies


For a few weeks every June, our backyard explodes with peony buds and, soon after, peony blossoms. It is so beautiful and refreshing! Peonies became my favorite flowers when a dear friend gave me a bridal shower and included a gorgeous arrangement of peonies on the bountiful hors d’oeurves table. They are not only beautiful but have the richest, headiest scent. A few weeks later when I met with our bridal consultant I mentioned how amazing I thought peonies were, and we decided to include them in my (also gorgeous) bridal bouquet (along with sweetheart roses and gardenias). I have adored them ever since. One more reason to love June!


Enjoy! —Wren


8 thoughts on “Things we love: Peonies

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  2. We had them in our backyard when I grew up. Watching the ants crawl all over the buds fascinated me. But even more, I loved watching them bloom into rich, full flowers. Definitely one more reason to love June. 🙂

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