Guest Post by Jackson: Finding Jack Sparrow

The day was June 12th, 2013. I was at the park with my friends. We were playing “crazy train” which was a game we made up where one person would climb up the slide and then all the others would tumble down on that one person. I was not that person.  Anyway, I was walking around in the sandbox when..when… I saw sand. It was in the shape of a LEGO hand. I pulled it out of the sand. It was a LEGO figure. I brushed the sand off of it to find that this figure was a rare Jack Sparrow minifigure from 2011 alone in the sand! Wow! What a find! So neat! So cool! So rare! And so awesome! Here’s his picture:


Cool, huh? SO NEAT!!!!!! Here’s his worried face:


The awesomeness of this situation is so big! I am so happy that I found him! And of all places to find him, too! A sandbox! A SANDBOX!!! And he is just such a fun figure. Please note that I have not seen the movies of “Pirates of the Caribbean.”  Any of them.


And here is Jack with a sword. Wait, who are those things in the background? I know, but you will have to wait a week to find out for yourself…

Enjoy!- Jackson


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