Apple Camp for Kids

Every summer for the last few years, my son has participated in Apple’s free (and fantastic) Apple Camp. He has learned to make stop-motion animation movies (Lego, of course),

Jack Brick and Squidman

Jack Brick and Squidman

how to compose a song in Garage Band, and had an amazing time. Each May he starts talking about Apple Camp and we start watching the Apple website for signup dates to open. You can enter your email address to be notified when signups begin, but sometimes we have fallen thru the cracks and not gotten the email, so I have been checking as many times per week I can remember. Today…..woo hoooo! You can sign up for Apple Camp today!

Camp attendees this year will learn to create a short film with music during the two days of camp, then will get to present their video at a film festival at the end of the week. Here’s a somewhat blurry photo of last year’s film festival, with Jackson’s stop-motion video playing on the screen:

Apple Camp Film Festival

Apple Camp Film Festival

I’d recommend you sign up quickly, though; space is limited and does run out every summer, and latecomers get put on cancellation lists but don’t always make it in. Children need to be ages 8-12 to participate, and parents will need to stay in the store during camp. Kids will also get a CD of their movie to take home, as well as other fun freebies that vary from year to year.

Click here to be taken to the signup page. You’ll need to input your state (the Apple website only has US states available at this time), then select from a drop-down the location where you’d like your child to attend camp.

It’s been a great experience for our family. Each year Jackson’s moviemaking abilities improve and he learns different things that make his movies fun and watchable. We’ve so appreciated this cool service by Apple. Hope your family will love it too!

Enjoy! —-Wren


2 thoughts on “Apple Camp for Kids

  1. I signed up my kiddos for a camp, actually it is just the wait list! We will see. Funny, it would not let me sign up both kids for same class. Oh well. Thanks for the info!

  2. That IS weird! I know Jackson’s attended with his friends and their brothers before. Of course since we’re parents of an only I’ve never experienced that. Hope the kids can get in though! 🙂

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