Cleo the Bengal!!

So here she is “ready for my close-up”….Cleo is now a gorgeous 13 months old and we never tire of her crazy behavior. I am told that she’ll grow out of her latest quirk Time for my close up….slamming doors shut!! Usually taking place in the bedroom; sometimes we’re in there and sometimes we’re not.

It all started one recent weekend….my husband, two dogs, Cleo and I were all hanging out in the bedroom, when I look up and she’s on her hind legs paws on the bedroom door and SLAM!

Startling, but cute…

Then last week I come home from work, greet the same cast of characters (dogs, husband) and go in search of Miss Clee. I get to the bedroom door and it’s shut…?

Curious, I open the door and she’s perfectly content, playing in the bathroom sink…I guess she got tired of  hanging out with the boys.



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