The shoes that saved my feet

Crocs Duet Sport Mary Janes

Crocs Duet Sport Mary Janes

Last week my son attended an amazing living history camp. I’d signed up to volunteer and was placed as the mom helper for my son’s group. Three awesome teens were in charge of this group and for getting the kids from place to place, and activity to activity. I was only there in case of need (or emergency, which thankfully, didn’t happen!).

Anyway, we tromped from place to place at this camp; from speaker (in period costume, no less), to craft, to games (yes, I got to pull on a tug-of-war team!), to history lesson, to speaker. Wearing my Crocs. I was sincerely astonished to have no discomfort whatsoever, after 4 hours of being on my feet, for 4 days! 3 years ago, I broke my right foot and discovered that I really needed to be wearing orthotics in all my shoes, due to a very high arch and a toe issue. Even with the orthotics, my feet generally hurt in the morning…in the daytime….at night…..yep, most of the time. So I hesitate to call these shoes miracle-workers…..but they really have worked a miracle for my feet. I don’t know what the difference is between these and my other, traditional Crocs….but there must be a difference in the way the sole is manufactured. (It’s very cute…but it’s also constructed differently than the mainstream ones.)  When I step or walk, my foot feels very cushioned and very supported. I went to the Crocs website to see if I could discover the secrets of this shoe, but all I could find out about them was the following:

A durable Croslite™ material upper means these are not your typical mary janes. The dual density material makes them soft but substantial, and the instep strap offers another option to this version of our popular Duet Sport Clog. Fully molded Croslite™ material for cushioning and comfort.

So….that doesn’t really tell me, the consumer, too much about why these shoes feel (and felt) so wonderful and kept my feet from hurting ALL DAY.  But it did tell me that I needed to purchase another pair of this shoe!  It’s ordered…and on its way.

Btw, if you’d like to try these out for yourself, they’re on sale at (specifically at for $29.99, 33% off the normal price of $44.99.  Supplies, and sizes, are limited.

Enjoy!  —Wren


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