Meet Wilson!

Another guest post by Jackson!

Hi.  It’s me, Jackson.  I want to introduce you to my newest little tiny plastic friend.

Wilson  Meet Wilson!  He is my newest custom LEGO character.  LEGO has not made him yet, however when you log in to the LEGO website, there is  an image of him waving.  So.  Back to the introduction.  Wilson lives in LEGO city, where he works at the local LEGO store (I will post about that next week) and lives at a peaceful house on Brick Street.  He is the main talk of the town unless the Redbird Cycle drives by (hopefully I will actually get the cycle so I can post about it).  Wilson loves being with his friends (me in LEGO, Bruce, Gandalf, and a Rebel Pilot), going to the movies, and doing what he does best: working at the LEGO store.

Well, it’s been nice doing this post, and-WAIT!!!

Wilson and Bruce

How did Bruce get in that picture?? He wasn’t supposed to be there until next week!  Oh well.

Enjoy! -Jackson


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