I got the LEGO Batman Movie!!

Hi.  It’s me, Jackson.  Yesterday I got the LEGO Batman the Movie: DC Super Heroes Unite DVD!

2013_0705_140531AA   I was lucky to get the DVD Box Set, as there was only one left in the store. Oh sure, they had more DVDs, but not in the Box Set edition. So, by getting the Box Set edition, I got an exclusive minifigure plus a LEGOLAND coupon for the same price! It is a great movie! It is very, very fun! So, even though the title of this post says nothing whatsoever about a review, I am going to do one anyways. The movie is really just cutscenes from the 2012 videogame LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes, plus extra footage. Well, it is a great movie, with some parts you won’t understand unless you watch the movie twice. The end makes me think that LEGO will make another movie, although I won’t give it away. All I’ll say is that I would definitely recommend that, if you buy this movie, you get the DVD Box Set. That way, you get an exclusive Clark Kent/Superman minifigure, the DVD with special features, and a coupon for LEGOLAND that expires in 2014!!!! Some of the special features are, as the DVD calls them, “Bonus Episodes: from the DC Comics Vault”. I haven’t watched them yet, though.

However, if you are wondering about what I said last week about introducing some of my custom minifigures (like Bruce), I am sorry to say but you are going to have to wait another week for that…

Enjoy! -Jackson


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