BzzAgent Review: Kroger Deli Fried Chicken

We’ve been fans of King Soopers’ (Kroger brand) rotisserie chicken for years, but had never thought of trying their deli fried chicken until I was selected for BzzAgent’s campaign for it this summer.  BzzAgent and Kroger provided coupons for the following items that we were able to try, free:

  • A 2-liter bottle of Coke
  • 8 pieces of King Soopers’ Deli Fried Chicken
  • A bag of Kroger Kettle Potato Chips

Of course, we had tried Coke before!  But the chips and the chicken were brand-new products for us.  We went to the store to pick everything up, and added a container of deli broccoli salad (just so there was SOME recognizable vegetable).  The box of chicken is loaded hot and warm from the deli case, and includes 2 breasts, two wings, two legs and two thighs…enough for everyone, whether they prefer light meat or dark.  Everyone in our family thoroughly enjoyed the chicken.  It is slightly (but not overly) greasy; the breading is flavorful (but not too salty) and the chicken meat is moist and delicious.  We actually went back earlier this week and purchased it again!  It’s as good as fast food chicken and better than other grocery store deli chicken we’ve had in the past.  It also went a pretty long way for our 3-person family; we got about 3 meals out of it and added other vegetable and fruit sides as needed.

Deli Fried Chicken from Kroger

Deli Fried Chicken from Kroger

The Kettle Chips went over pretty well for us as well.  They were very crispy and had quite a bit of flavor.  My husband and son LOVED them.  I found them a bit on the salty side, but I am usually the last person in our household to eat a potato chip.  I probably eat 3 chips out of every 2 bags we buy!

I can definitely recommend the chicken, though (and dh and ds would definitely recommend the chips).  It’s a great addition to a summer evening when it feels too hot to cook!


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