Meet the Robots!

Hi.  It’s me, Jackson.

Today is at last the day I will introduce Bruce…and some other bots too.

Bruce is behind Wilson

Bruce is behind Wilson

Bruce is a robot character in the book series “Mars Diaries.”  In the series, Bruce is controlled by virtual-reality specialist Tyce Sanders. It is a great book series, and it gave me the idea to turn Bruce into a minifigure.  Bruce can bend steel, crush a hand and so much more.

Now for the other bots…









This is my second bot, Cartwheeler. He got his name from his legs. He does cartwheels with them. He is a friend of Bruce, Wilson and Me in LEGO. He has laser eyes in case of emergency. His best talent will always be cartwheels.

Introducing bot number 3…

AK-7A "Kyoto"

AK-7A “Kyoto” Probe




The AK-7A Probe is a henchman of Dagger, the evil robot. He, like Dagger, can levitate, and has a laser blaster. His nickname is Kyoto because he often says it as a warning to those he is about to attack. It is also one of the few words he has learned to say, as talking is not in his programming.



And now, to introduce Dagger…







Here he is: the one and only: DAGGER! This evil maniac got his name from his tiny dagger arms. His legs serve as plasma blasters, or lasers, if preferred. Dagger may just be the baddest bad guy around, or at least in Robotron City, anyway. He is enemies with all the other robots, except for the bad ones.

He has another henchman, though, and he’s not AK-7A, but next week the identity will be revealed…

Enjoy! -Jackson


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