Homeschool Encouragement for Your Children

Yesterday I attended a neat back-to-school event at a wonderful local teachers’ supply store.   I picked up some fun tools to use during the coming school year (countdown:  26 days!), and I couldn’t wait to share this one with you!

Eureka Scratch-off Rewards

Eureka Scratch-off Rewards

These Scratch-Off Rewards, made by Eureka, come in packages of 24 in either SuperHero (shown here)  or Sports designs. They’re very simple to use: you write the reward in the center white spot then peel and stick the silver scratch-off material over it.  You can prepare them ahead of time or fill them out as you need them.  Your child gets the fun not only of scratching off the silver oval but the treat hidden underneath!

I absolutely love this idea.  I plan to use them for both awesome achievement and for brightening up those days where (I’m sure you’ve ALL experienced this) we just need something extra to put smiles on our faces.  Prizes can run from quick, free and fun (throwing the frisbee for 30 minutes, going to a favorite park, making our child’s favorite dessert together) to inexpensive but unexpected (happy hour Cherry Limeades at Sonic, a double scoop at Baskin Robbins, a matinee at the dollar movie) to the REALLY unusual (a day trip to a nearby town, a Lego Minifigure, or something else amazing that I haven’t yet considered).

I can’t wait for fun opportunities to insert a little unexpected treat into our school days.  What kinds of treats would YOU put on your scratch-off card?


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