LEGO Adventures: Part 1

Hi!  Jackson here.

I want to introduce you to my new story series: LEGO Adventures! It is about LEGO Me and Wilson. Here’s the first story!

Part 1

Hello. My name is Jackson.  A few days ago, I asked my friend Wilson if he wanted to go on an adventure with me.  So, we jumped off of our brick platform, and started to fall into the real world.

2013_0718_145534AA“HELP ME! SAVE ME! BRING ME A HELICOPTER!”  Wilson shouted as we fell.   Obviously, he was freaked, and I mean, so freaked out that he passed out halfway down.  It was a very long way down before we reached the floor.  When we did, I said to Wilson, “Hey, let’s go over to the fridge and climb it!”   So, we did, and I tossed a rope onto some brick magnets on the fridge.  We tossed the rope from magnet to magnet all the way to the top.  While we climbed, Wilson asked, “Why climb when we have a plane?”   I replied, “Left it at home, sorry…”


Finally, when he reached the top, I noticed there was a beautiful crystal up there, so, I ran to grab it.   “Wait for me!” Wilson said.  Just as we reached the crystal, a lava monster (obsessed with the crystal, no doubt) ran towards it as well.2013_0718_150003AA

I grabbed the crystal and made a mad run for it, with Wilson following. Frantically, I ran to the edge of the fridge.  I tried to slow down, but I slid off the edge and gravity kicked in.  Same for Wilson, but lucky for him he landed on a magnet.  And me?  I just kept falling until I saw that someone was coming towards the fridge with an open box of pasta!  I fell into the box while the person got a drink, and then carried the box to a pot of boiling hot water.  I WAS GOING TO BE BURNED ALIVE! 2013_0718_150522AA

To be continued…

Enjoy! -Jackson


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