My New fitness trainer…that's with me 24-7…The One!

My Fitbit

Sounds rather posh doesn’t it? Working out with a trainer every day..thought that was for celebrities!

My trainer is lightweight, portable, doesn’t yell, smell and is totally devoted to moi! Who and what is this you ask?

The fitbit! I’ve had this little gem since January of 2012 and I never leave home without it. It tracks my steps, activity level, sleep, and calories.

It has been worth its weight in Platinum. Even if I don’t feel like working out (often) this little motivator keeps me fit.!

I clip it on to my waistband and off we go…he’s been everywhere with me (in Vegas I tried to leave him in the room, but put him in my purse at the last minute).

Update: Bought a new fitbit…The ONE! Only because I had to get an I-Phone for work and Fitbit has, of course, an App for that!

So now i can log my activities,food, sleep and sync with my phone any time of the day…much quicker when you are on the go!

My Ulta fitbit is now in the hands of Wren, I hope she loves it as much as I did. A huge plus? We are now Fitbit friends; which means she sees my stats and I see hers.

What a motivator!



2 thoughts on “My New fitness trainer…that's with me 24-7…The One!

  1. Seems like a great little piece of technology there. I am glad it is able to keep you motivated. Curious if you are still using it. Wondering if it would work for me. Thanks for sharing on Throwback Thursday Blog-Style. I can’t wait to see what you share this week.

    • Hi Karen!

      Yes, I am still using it! I am wearing it as we speak. Post-surgery, it continues to be vital for me that I exercise and my Fitbit is one of the things that helps motivate me to do that. My sister (with whom I’m Fitbit friends) ALWAYS beats me in steps. But I’m just happy and thankful to be doing more all the time!

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