anti-aging find! The results…3 months later!

July 2013: I started using this every night in April 2013; although I don’t have before and after photos, I can tell you that fine lines are diminished!Especially those pesky frown lines oh so prominent between the eyebrows. People think I look younger than my 40+ years and my skin is incredibly hydrated and smooth.

Enjoy—I did! Finch

April 2013:
I don’t have much patience for lotions and potions that promise a miracle in the fight (gasp) against aging. I am also quite lazy (or should I say low-maintenance) in my approach to skin care. That being said…I stumbled across “KIEHL’S Powerful-Strength Line Reducing Concentrate” recently and after two weeks of using it, my husband has mentioned at least three times how rested I look in the morning (not a normal utterance) and how good my skin looks. Also, I do have sensitive skin and have experienced no issues thus far. Fabulous….!




2 thoughts on “anti-aging find! The results…3 months later!

  1. My attitude is similar to yours regarding overpriced lotions and chemical cocktails. My best results by far have come from washing my face with olive oil. 🙂 Who knew?

  2. Sara,

    I’ve noticed several cosmetic companies touting the benefits of their cleansing oils recently…and they have chemicals! I think I’m going to try your idea and see where it takes my skin!

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