Things We Love: NOW Solutions Shea Butter Lotion

NOW Shea Butter Lotion

My dear friend Jeanne Takenaka introduced me to this wonderful lotion. I have dry skin to begin with, plus I live in a very dry climate. I’m always looking for a lotion that I can use regularly on my hands, which are always dry and sometimes itchy from frequent washings. Jeanne shared this lotion with me one day and I was really impressed…but then life happened, I got busy and forgot all about it!

However, during a recent visit I asked Jeanne again what the lotion was called. THIS time, I wrote it down! 🙂 I was able to add it to my vitamin order (which bumped me up to the free shipping mark) and received it this week.

There is a lot to love about NOW Solutions Shea Butter lotion. Let me share a few of those things:

  • It is certified organic
  • It is paraben-free
  • It’s specifically made to soothe rough, dry skin
  • Its active ingredients include shea butter, aloe vera, grapefruit and lime oil
  • Its scent is very mild yet pleasant (vanilla extract and citrus essence)

I’ve only officially used this for about 4 days but it’s been wonderful.  Check it out the next time you’re shopping at natural foods stores (including Sprouts and Whole Foods)  It’s also available at Amazon and as mentioned above, at

Enjoy!  —Wren




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