Sugar Snap Peas…..First Harvest!

First sugar snaps!

First sugar snaps!

We have (as you know) been anxiously awaiting our first harvest. While we have tomatoes, yellow squash and zucchini steadily ripening, we haven’t had a thing to harvest yet….until this morning! My husband and I went outside prop up the trellises the sugar snap peas are climbing…the vines are so heavy that the trellises were listing to the side. We tied them down to the sides of the raised garden bed, so now the trellises are upright and the peas have lots of room. So that mission was accomplished….but while we were out I saw that there were some pods ready to be picked!

I’d promised Jackson the first pea pod that I picked….so that’s not in the picture. 🙂 I was able to gather about 11 more and the three of us stood around in the kitchen and snacked on them…til they were all gone.  They are the sweetest, crunchiest, tastiest little veggies!  I grew twice as many this year as I did last year, and I think I’ll double what we did this year when we plant again next spring.

Like I said, we love eating sugar snaps fresh and sweet, straight from the garden.  But here are some WordPress blogs with some amazing recipes, if you’d like to cook with them instead!

Butter Beans Kitchen-pasta with sugar snap peas and fresh pesto

–fresh green peas and sugar snap peas in sesame dressing

3 Spoons of Butter –teriyaki beef and sugar snap peas

Enjoy! —Wren


3 thoughts on “Sugar Snap Peas…..First Harvest!

  1. Love love picking produce in our yard. Larry plants it and I pick and cook it. We do boysenberries (done in June), basil, chard and loads of tomatoes. Right now we are required to eat tomatoes for breakfast lunch and dinner (and give the rest away!) fun post. thanks.

    • Oh… mouth is watering at the thought! We’re still waiting for our green tomatoes to turn red. They’re getting nice and big but they are as green as green can be!

      BTW, how was your time overseas? 🙂

  2. Ooo, I love peas straight from the garden. So frustrated that we never got one planted this year. Would have loved some fresh peas and tomatoes (the plants that do the best for us)
    Thanks for sharing with Throwback Thursday Blog Style. Can’t wait to see what you share this week.

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