DIY cat toy…!

Anyone who’s owned a cat knows can spend loads of money on every cat toy available and they will turn their tiny noses up after a cursory pawing…and walk away.

Our house is littered with such toys, such adorable packaging we think, such a fun idea! She’ll love it!


Her favorite toys are everyday household objects that don’t come in fancy colors, textures or adorable packaging.

Case in point…hours of enjoyment (she’s in the kitchen playing with one right now).

You will need:

1 rubber band (medium thickness)
1 cabinet
2 cabinet knobs (attached)

Place rubber band looped around cabinet knobs; you can do it once around or more depending on length of band.

Cat is already on counter curious as to what you are doing, so no need to place on counter.

Twang rubber band and step back to watch the magic happen.

RB start


Rubber band funPriceless…Enjoy–Finch



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