Shower must…especially on the go!!

Vaseline Spray & Go is a lifesaver!

Shower, spray on (the ease and the continuous spray really helps for speed and those hard to reach areas). The locking cap ensures no accidental sprays and the slim profile fits easily in your luggage, gym bag or tote.

It dries in seconds and does a great job moisturizing your skin. I am admittedly lazy when it comes to moisturizing…it just takes too much time and too long to dry!

Love trying to pull on jeans when your lotion hasn’t quite been absorbed!

So, not only is it perfect for the gym, but a must for travel as well as home use.

I have only tried two kinds of the Spray & Go so far…Aloe for the gym and Cocoa Radiant for home and travel. I did have them reversed, but it was very strange smelling like chocolate  after  a workout 🙂


Spray & Go


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