Meeting Cleo!

Hi.  It’s me, Jackson.

First, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t post last Friday.  I was visiting Finch and her husband and I met Cleo!!!!


The picture above is me playing with Cleo with a snake stuffed animal.  She is the most playful and cutest cat!  The picture below is Cleo jumping to try to catch a toy mouse on a string.


She is a very nice cat and I must say, she is the most playful cat I have ever seen.  She has a great meow also.  She ran on her cat wheel a few times and it was very cute.  She is a great cat.


And the picture to the far right is of her on top of a chair.  She often stared at the camera when I took the photos because she didn’t know what it was.








And next week…you’ll find out what’s behind the door!

Enjoy! -Jackson


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