Saturday visit to the Farmer's Market!

Well, lesson learned today..decided to visit our local farmer’s market. We arrived at 9:20 a.m. lots of cars and still quite a few Farmers with produce to sell.

We were quickly schooled by an older farmer who when I asked “What time do you get here?” He replied: “6:45.” Oh, I said: “and what time do the customer’s arrive?”

“5:45, I have a line out the door.” Oops…early birds do get the worm…

We were still able to buy some wonderful things:

Loaf of Sourdough bread, fresh and warm

Homemade mixed berry jam


Bell Peppers


A ton of Basil

Two gorgeous Cantaloupes

Best of all…loved seeing the local farmers and buying true organic!!  Cleo was less than thrilled…



I cant eat this


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