Vote for George!

Our family has been blessed with some incredible friends.  Many of them homeschool; many do not; they live all around the world, really, doing all kinds of wonderful work in their lives.

We were excited several years ago to meet a special family.  Like us, they homeschooled; like us, the husband and wife met on the mission field.  I could keep going with the “like us” stats but….suffice it to say, they’ve been dear friends and kindred spirits since we met before our boys hit second grade.

We are VERY excited because their oldest son George has been selected as one of 24 finalists (12 boys & 12 girls) from around the US in an “Adventures in Odyssey” contest.  You may be familiar with “Adventures in Odyssey;” it’s a Christian radio show for kids that is 25+ years old.   In order to qualify, George had to serve in his community throughout the summer plus make a 2-minute video about his service.  One of these 12 boys, and one of the 12 girls, will be selected by popular vote to serve as Odyssey’s boy ambassador for a year!  AND get to go on a missions trip to Costa Rica with Odyssey folks, the girl winner and both sets of parents!

I am sure that every one of these kids is an awesome child.  But of course, our hearts are with George.

So……that is why I’m writing today!  I’d like to ask you to go to Whit’s End and vote for this special boy.  What you’ll need to do is click on that link, then scroll about halfway down until you see the red “vote now!” button.  Click on that button.  Choose one boy and one girl.  (Hint:  Select “George” for the boy.)  Go to the bottom of the page and click on”Vote Now,” which will take you to the next page.  On that page, click on the button that says “Submit my vote.”

Depending on what’s up with the website, you might be able to watch George’s video.  He’s the blond boy in glasses washing dishes in the thumbnail.   (They’ve definitely had some technical difficulties!

Since they’ll be going with the top overall tally, please come back and vote every day until September 15!  We’ll post the winners when they are selected, just so you know!

Enjoy!  –Wren & Jackson


4 thoughts on “Vote for George!

  1. Very fun to see this. I didn’t know Adventures in Odyssey hosted this. What a great way to get kids thinking beyond themselves. 🙂 Just a couple notes—1) the link didn’t work for some reason, but I was able to get to the site via a search. 2) Before submitting my vote, I also needed to vote for a girl. I couldn’t just vote for George. 🙂 Watching the videos was fun.
    Thanks for sharing this!

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