Nerf Cyber Hoop Campaign from BzzAgent

Being the mom of a boy means you get to do a LOT of fun things.  We’ve discovered the joys of Nerf in recent years–everything from Nerf Shotwave and ElectroStorm Pistol (water guns) to the Nerf Fire Strike (dart gun).  We were excited when BzzAgent offered us a BzzCampaign on one of Nerf’s newest products, the Cyber Hoop, and sent us one to try free.  The Cyber Hoop comes with a rim and backboard that fits over a door, a ball and an available app.  It IS called Cyber Hoop, right?


Set-up is simple and painless.  The hoop fits over any door in the house that has a slight amount of clearance.  Batteries aren’t included (you’ll need to provide 3 AAAs) but everything else is.  The ball feels more like a real basketball than foam but smaller and softer.  The app is free to download from the App Store.

Playing is simple and you can play in several different player modes:  by yourself; with an opponent or with the app.  All modes come with timed play (how many baskets can you sink in 90 seconds?  2 minutes?) and sound effects (crowd and announcer noise, and music).  The player tries to shoot as many baskets as possible in the allotted time…..believe it or not, you can really work up a sweat!

If you’re using the app, you can actually film the player using your iPad or iPhone.  While you’re doing that, the app selects highlights of the player’s game that you have a record of (or that you can delete, if desired).

Nerf Cyber Hoop

The app has different game modes called Head to Head, Rapid Fire and Dunk Contest.  They’re all neat but since IOS updated it’s been crashing a bit today (just updated IOS over the weekend).  I expect that will be fixed soon.

If you have a son or daughter who loves basketball or Nerf, this would provide an awesome way for them to enjoy the game indoors.  We’ve loved it!

Enjoy!  –Wren



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