10 New Uses for Olive Oil…!

Did anyone know there was an online magazine dedicated to Olive Oil…yes, that’s right, it’s called the “Olive Oil Times”. Great reading about all the benefits of this amazing oil.


We do follow a Mediterranean diet as much as possible, so Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a staple in our home. Fortunately, it is available at our local Sam’s Club in jug size.

On to more interesting things though…there are so many fabulous uses for Olive Oil outside of cooking; here are just a few i’m trying.

1.  Use as a moisturizer on your face,  including lips!

2. Eye makeup remover

3. As a moisturizing shaving oil

4. Cuticle oil

5. Hair Conditioner

6. Dry foot treatment (slather and put those socks on!)

7. Bath Oil

8. Body moisturizer after shower

9. Condition your pet’s coat (add 1/8 tsp to dry food)

10.  Moisturizing treatment for dry hands, elbows.

One thing to consider…I love the smell of Olive Oil, in fact, it makes me very hungry…so I encourage you all to not attempt any of these on an empty stomach 🙂





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