Going carb free; an experiment in health and fitness!

Let me start by saying that 70% of the time I try to stay away from consuming starchy carbs (when I do, I try to make sure they are wheat and therefore slower to break down into sugar) by doing so I think it makes it much easier to maintain a healthy weight.

If you are a self confessed carbaholic, incorporate small changes into your lifestyle, the occasional treat (dinner roll, sushi roll) will not have an effect.

I will tell you that last year, I went completely (bad) carb free for about three months. Yes, we were going on a vacation in November and yes, there was a bathing suit in my future.

Again, so not easy after 40!

Motivation, yes, but an experiment as well. I did not lose pounds..but my belly flattened, I lost that bloated look, overall much more toned.

Also, I had more energy, my clothes fit and looked better and I felt like my digestive system was cleaner and more efficient.

What does going (bad) carb free entail?

That means, no bread, rice, pasta, cereal, crackers, oatmeal (you get the picture).

Plenty of fruits and vegetables and lean protein. I lived on veggie and chik’n burgers wrapped in lettuce leafs (not too bad).

I called it my “eat to live” phase.

So we went on our vacation to Barbados and I rocked a bikini every day…:)

I think I’m ready to go carb free again.



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