The perfect tinted moisturizer…

With Fall and Winter fast approaching, it’s more important than ever we reinforce moisturizing daily.

My morning routine is very fast and simple ( 5 minutes on natural makeup tops).

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer allows me to do just that.


Use a pea sized amount at first, rub hands together and apply. You don’t need a lot as I found out one morning (it’s a bit hard to get it back in the tube!)

Then I go back for a swipe of concealer under the eyes, dust of mineral powder and my skin looks even toned, yet natural (freckles show through).

The Illuminating version gives my skin a fresh glow…again, always welcome when we are going into the dreary days of fall.

It’s so lightweight, doesn’t break me out and it has SFP 20 sunscreen built in…I love it!


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