September Klutchbox is here!!!

Yes, I know it is October, but Klutchboxes usually arrive at the end of the month.

Drumroll please….

September’s box is all about grounding yourself, so the contents are about comfort, rejuvenation and relaxation. Something we all need in our crazy lives…especially since the busiest time of the year is just around the corner.

Ready for the holidays? I’m not..;)

Klutchbox oct

Harvest Snaps Spapeas: 100 calories snack pack, low fat, no sugar, lightly salted. I think they are good if you are craving a salty healthy crunch (they need hot sauce:)

Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn: 90 calories in a bag, low fat, low sodium. Great for taking to the movies etc. I always find packaged popcorn to be too salty; this is just right!

The cat ate some popcorn…the dog turned his nose up~

Powbab Superfruit Chews: Pomegranate and Acai Berry chews they are quite good, fresh and they have 100% of your daily antioxidant needs. Only 2 grams of sugar, which makes it a better choice than most gummy vitamins.

Dream Water Nighttime Nectar: All natural sleep aid.

Dr. Schulze Mouthwash: All natural antiseptic herbal tonic.

Zenify: A blend of amino acids designed to relax the mind and body.

EatGreenTea: Pure uncut green tea (7 packets in the sample!)

Celsius: Orange flavor drink mix; a supplement that claims to burn up to a 100 calories.



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