Pumpkin Patch


Don’t you just love pumpkins?  They are so cheerful and fun to me.  I love their shape, their colors, the hefty weight of them when you pick them up.  And that’s before we’re even talking about pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies or pumpkin soup!

Members of our homeschool coop went to a pumpkin patch in a nearby town last week, and our whole family was able to join them.  Normally when we go on field trips, only Jackson and I get to go….so we were thrilled that Dad got to come along with us!

It was a gorgeous day….although rain was predicted for the afternoon, it was crisp, clear and dry….perfect weather for a pumpkin patch.

There was a small petting “zoo”…



A hayride with the nicest older gentleman driving the tractor and providing commentary….


There were also very cool slides, duck races, a campfire where you could warm your hands and make s’mores, and a corn maze!

2013_1011_112807AAWe spent about 3 1/2 hours enjoying ourselves on this beautiful day in a wonderful location.  Best of all, each of us got to select and take home a pumpkin!


I’m so thankful for this opportunity that we had.  It can seem as though life flies past us even when we try to savor each moment we’ve been given.  But this was one of those days that time seemed to slow down; we were able to enjoy each other, a gorgeous autumn day, a beautiful area, with kind friends and others at the pumpkin patch.  We will definitely try to visit this one again…..every year, if possible!

How does the rest of Schoolhouse Review Crew enjoy the fall?  Click on the box and find new ways you and your family can delight in this wonderful season!


Enjoy!  –Wren

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