Yummy Milkshakes: A Delicious DIY!

Hi.  It’s me, Jackson.

I know I don’t usually post these things, especially not on Mondays, but here we go!  Do you like milkshakes? If you do, you will LOVE this 5-minute do-it-yourself activity!  I had the idea, then I asked my mom (Wren) if we could make it. I was so happy when she said yes! Here is the recipe!

Oreo Milkshakes2013_1118_144759AA

What you will need:

A carton of milk, 3 Oreo cookies, and Vanilla ice cream.  You can also add whipped cream like I did if you want to.

First, put 3 to 4 scoops of ice cream in the bottom of the blender.  Then, take the Oreos and break them into smaller pieces one by one till all 3 are crunched into the blender.  Then, pour in some milk.  Please note that the texture of the milkshake will mainly depend on the amount of milk you put in.  If you put in a little, it will be thick.  If you put in a lot, it will be thin and soft.  If you hit the Sweet Spot and you put in just the right amount of milk then it will turn out perfect!!  Then, put the lid on the blender and blend for about 5 seconds on the “low” setting.  This should make 2 glasses of Yummy Milkshake!

Happy blending! -Jackson


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