My New Favorite Bowls

Look at my new favorite bowls!  Are they not the cutest??!


This is the Mixing Bowl Trio from Calibowl.  Calibowls are BPA-free, and are microwave- and top dishwasher-rack safe as well.  They have a spill-proof rim around the top, and each bowl has a silicone ring at its base (see below) to keep it from sliding around when you are mixing ingredients or stirring.

2013_1120_190156AAThey range in size from 20 oz (the orange), to 40 oz (the green), to a whopping 90 oz (the purple).

2013_1120_190123AAAnd if that’s not enough to love….I got them free!

I joined Lean Cuisine’s customer loyalty program, Delicious Rewards, a couple of years ago.  Each time I eat a Lean Cuisine product, I save the code on the inside of the box and enter it at the Delicious Rewards site.  Some Lean Cuisine products give you 20 points per box (Market Collection, Spa Collection, Simple Favorites or Culinary Collection), while others net you 40 points  (Salad Additions or Honestly Good).  You can accumulate points over time and then redeem them for wonderful free products from their online Culinary Chic Rewards catalog.  And, they also give you a monthly survey to answer, which gives you a few more points!

If you love Lean Cuisines like I do, you must check out their customer loyalty program.  Click on Delicious Rewards and you can browse through the catalog, read the terms of service and see if this is right for you.  I’ve certainly loved it!

Enjoy!  –Wren


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