Things We Love: "Larry's Christmas Countdown," from Veggie Tales

Once upon a time, Murphy and I thought that Jackson would ALWAYS love Veggie Tales.  When we were missionaries (as well as not yet married, and without kids), other members of our team who DID have kids would receive packages from home with Veggie Tales videos in them.  And every single member of our team would watch them together!  Even though they were ostensibly for children, they were hilarious, clean and….in our heart language, English.

For that reason alone, Murph and I will probably love Veggie Tales forever; in addition to their fantastic entertainment value, they are just plain funny….as well as God-honoring.

However, each year we dig out our virtual bookmark for Veggie Tales’ online Advent-ish calendar, and we watch it with great enjoyment.  Even though it was made in 2003 and therefore the days of the week don’t match this year’s calendar, the daily messages are just hilarious.

If you’d like to laugh out loud with your kids, go to Larry’s Christmas Countdown.  And tune in to Archibald Asparagus and Larry the Cucumber for “another Christmas thought!”

Enjoy!  –Wren


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