BzzAgent Review: Kroger Skillet Meals



Recently, my family and I were selected to sample Kroger’s Skillet Meals, Fresh Selection Salad Kits and Kroger Garlic Bread by BzzAgent.  BzzAgent is an amazing word-of-mouth marketing company that matches the demographics of its members with products companies would like to test and spread the word on.  This new Kroger campaign provided us with free coupons for our choice of a Skillet Meal, a salad and garlic bread.  We picked them up at our local Kroger store last week to use during a busy week, and we were pretty happy with the results!

Kroger’s Skillet Meals are found in the frozen entree section of the store.  They are full meals-in-a-bag.  All the consumer has to do is purchase them, take them home and follow the package instructions to produce a meal for the entire family.  (The salad kit and garlic bread helped round out the meal.)


The Skillet Meals are surprisingly healthy and come in a wide variety of selections, including Chicken Fajitas, Shrimp Lo mein, Tuscan-Style Penne, Sausage Rigatoni, Spicy Orange Chicken and others.  We were looking for a meal that had lots of veggies and fiber as well as flavor, so we selected the Sesame Chicken with Brown Rice.

Preparation was easy.  We popped the garlic bread into the oven first; it comes in an oven-ready sleeve and all you have to do is preheat the oven, set the timer and put the bread into the oven.  Next, I prepared the sesame chicken.  The brown rice was already cooked so all it required was a quick microwave.  The sesame sauce was also frozen, so I placed its bag in a cup of hot water so it could thaw.  Then, I preheated my skillet, added a little olive oil and poured the chicken and veggies into the pan.  The directions recommend that the ingredients be stir-fried for 7-9 minutes, so I went slightly over that, stirring frequently.  After everything was nice and hot, I poured the thawed sauce over the stir-fry mixture and stirred things together, turning down the heat so that things could mix together well while I went on to the next step.

One suggestion for the Sesame Chicken was to serve them in heated tortillas.  We have some high-fiber tortillas that we love, so I got out a tortilla for each of us.  I divided the rice evenly between the three tortillas, then I spooned the chicken and veggie mixture over that.  I sprinkled a little shredded cheddar on the top, and voila!  Dinner was ready!


I did serve the garlic bread on the side but we decided to save the salad for another day.  The stir-fry mix was so full of chicken and veggies that we got well over our daily vegetable servings for the day.  It contained snow peas, carrots, broccoli…and lots of each!

All three of us (dad, mom, son) absolutely loved this meal.  It would have still been wonderful without the tortilla but since I love mu shu pork, this was nicely reminiscent of that for me.  The package could have probably fed four people but provided the three of us with nice large ones.  We are all new fans of Kroger Skillet Meals, for sure….and for a night when you’ve been too busy to prepare dinner or had a busy week, these are great to keep on hand.  They are very satisfying and have excellent amounts of fiber and veggies.

The Skillet Meals normally run about $6.99; so a full and relatively healthy meal for a busy night will cost you less than a fast-food dinner for your family.  You can also add the garlic bread and salad to make it go a little further!

We’ll definitely be investing in some more Kroger Skillet Meals.  Next on my personal list:  the Spicy Orange Chicken!

Enjoy!  –Wren



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