My Most Favorite Christmas Song

We (like many of you) love Christmas carols and songs. In our city, one of the radio stations starts an all-Christmas carol playlist right after Thanksgiving. You might think you’d get tired of them…..but we don’t! There is an astonishing array of carols, from old favorites like “Holly Jolly Christmas” or “White Christmas,” all the way up to the eighties carol “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” or the newer “All I Want For Christmas is You.” We walk around the house singing bits and pieces of these to each other for a full month… fun!

My favorite, “Welcome to Our World,” was published by Chris Rice in 1995. It’s been covered by various artists. It is so tender and precious….it moves me every time I hear it.

In this busy Christmas season it helps me to pause; to treasure and ponder.

Here it is, sung by Michael W. Smith with video by Alwyn Barry, borrowed from YouTube.

Enjoy! –Wren


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