Bengal mind trick…!

When I see Cleo like this, as does anyone else, you are filled with a sense of sweetness and love. A feeling comes over you, something you cannot control. It is the irresistible urge to cuddle her. How can you resist? So sweet…cute, furry, warm and sleepy.

Foot Nap on a Snowy day

Then you make your move…picking her up and gathering her to you to hug and love.

She allows this for 2.5 seconds, then latches on to your forearm with both front paws and her jaws. As you flip her upside down attempting to dislodge her bone crushing grip, saying “Cleo no!” She finally lets go, and stares at you (I was only playing, silly!) you gaze down at your arm, teethmarks and all and vow to never, ever do that again.

Until the next time she’s sleepy, warm, fuzzy and oh so cuddly, you just can’t help yourself.

A leopard really doesn’t change its spots and I wouldn’t have her any other way.




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