Our Top 10 Posts of 2013

Today brings the close of our blogging adventure for 2013.  (But don’t worry—we’ll be back to continue the adventure beginning tomorrow, in 2014!)  We’d like to share with you our top 10 blog posts of the year.   These are things we wrote that had the highest numbers of page views.  Below are the top posts that we wrote and my (Wren’s) son Jackson’s top post.

We loved writing these…and we so appreciated everyone who stopped by to read, to comment and to share our lives.  Blessings and a fabulous 2014 to each one of you!

Enjoy!  –Finch and Wren

1.  Jackson’s top post was also one of my favorites:  his brief stop-motion video of his special Lego minifigures, Wilson.

2.  Finch’s post on the Arc trainer was not about Tony Stark, but about a fantastic exercise machine.  Check out her experiences here!

3.  I was so blessed to join The Old Schoolhouse magazine’s TOS Review Crew in July 2013.  Jackson and I have been able to use and review some amazing curricula over the past 6 months, including one of my most favorites, the Homeschool Mom’s Bible.  Check out my review here!

4.  Finch and her husband love experimenting in the kitchen.  Check out their Easy Italian Tuna and Bean Salad post!

5.  Home gardeners loved our DIY Homemade & Organic Pesticide post, which provided links and tips to healthy bug/weed management for backyard gardens.

6.  June Klutchbox Is Here! garnered lots of visitors.  Klutchbox is a fabulous subscription box program filled with fantastic foods and health products.

7.  10 Books I’m Most Thankful For, my (Wren’s) Thanksgiving post on some of my most favorite books, got a lot of peeks.  Lots of book-lovers out there!

8.  Finch’s post on her Bengal cat Cleo’s healthy and delicious cat food garnered a lot of views.  Maybe this will interest you for your kitteh!

9.  Finch and I both love our Fitbits and wrote about our Fitbit experiences.  The Fitbits track steps taken, stairs climbed, calories burned, hours slept….AND they give you personalized encouraging messages!  If you’re looking for a way to step up your exercise routines and fitness pursuits in 2014, you might enjoy this post!

10.  Our post with the highest page view was, surprisingly, our quote from Mary Oliver’s poem “Peonies.”  Who knew that everybody else loved these flowers…and this beautiful poem…as much as we did??




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