Finch's Word for 2014

Following in my sister’s footsteps, my word for 2014 is “JOY.”

Rather than making a list of things to improve about myself (I already have a really long on-going one); I have decided to follow my heart and make a positive difference in others lives.

 I realized that instead of focusing on the things that people did or said that caused frustration, hurt or anger, I needed to examine why they said or did these things and change my approach to them.

 Compassion and understanding goes a long way towards healing.

 I want to bring joy, light and laughter to others who are lacking it and I already know that through this journey I will become a better,more tolerant person in the end.



4 thoughts on “Finch's Word for 2014

  1. Ah, but how could you possibly have a long list of things to improve… you’re pretty darn good, with not very many faults, already!

  2. Finch, I relate to skipping one more addition to a self-improvement list…if I’m already paying attention to it diligently! I like the goal of joy as a result of self reflection as well as delving into the acts of others. I think I also read between the lines that this also includes a person’s own reaction and interpretation of the acts of others that seem hurtful…that is a biggie for me, at any rate. Ebby

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