Every December my dear friend J. hosts the most amazing Christmas ornament exchange party.

This is the party where those of us who’ve been invited in previous years start stalking our inboxes in November, looking for that elusive Evite invitation.

Or, we attempt to send innocuous-sounding emails……like, “wondering if you’ve set the date yet….” or, “hoping I’m on the invitation list this year….”

We’re always SO glad when the Evite arrives!

This year I found an awesome little hedgehog to take for my ornament.  To my delight, he was “stolen” 3 times….when, according to the rules, he was then “retired” and safe from further steals.

I loved him so much that I must have talked about it a lot at home, because to my surprise on Christmas morning, I opened a gift only to find that my husband and son had gotten me my OWN hedgehog!

Jan 3 2013 010I think I’m going to have to keep him out for awhile….he doesn’t look THAT Christmas-y, does he?  🙂

Enjoy!  –Wren



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