10 Most Amazing Curricula I Reviewed in 2013

One of my most amazing blessings of 2013 was serving as a TOS (The Old Schoolhouse Magazine) Crew Member.  Being a Crew Member exposed me (and Jackson) to some truly amazing homeschool curricula, which we were able to incorporate into our homeschool studies and that I reviewed on our blog.

We definitely came away from the year with some new favorites.  Here they are (in no particular order), with links to the reviews highlighted in the titles:

1.  Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics

We are definitely science fans and geeks, and this fantastic chemistry and physics course easily got 5 stars from both me and Jackson.  Are you looking for…fun?  Exciting experiments?  Creative ways to journal concepts and experiences?  Learning opportunities that will really stick in your child’s mind, and all of these presented in a life-giving way?  If you are, you should definitely try Apologia!

2.  Zondervan’s Homeschool Mom’s Bible (NIV)

niv_zps46b5b3b8[1]I loved this Bible during the review….and 3 1/2 months later, I still adore it.  I use it every morning when I get up (after, that is, getting my first cup of a caffeinated beverage).  Arranged so that you can read the entire Bible in a year, plus a daily devotional by a homeschool mom, it sets me up for each day with grace and life.

3.  Bridgeway Academy’s Fun with Science:  Marine Biology

Jackson's "Shadow Fish," created for the Abyssal Zone project

Jackson’s “Shadow Fish,” created for the Abyssal Zone project

This incredible marine biology class was Jackson’s first online course.  It was taught by a marine biologist who opened the marine world up to the students; its ecosystem & zones, types of organisms (from shellfish to bony fishes to mammals), its challenges and its otherworldly beauty.  Each week the students had fascinating projects to complete before the next class period.  An absolute joy.

4.  At Home in Dogwood Mudhole by Franklin Sandersathomeindogwoodmudhole_zps737c60fa[1]A family’s joys, sorrows, challenges and perseverance displayed in the building of a homestead in southern Tennessee.  If you enjoy reading about family togetherness and love, spiced up with Southern ways and hospitality, you’ll enjoy this book!

5.  Seed Sowers by Gwen Toliver

2013_0915_140435AAFellow TOS Crew member Gwen Toliver interviewed many Wycliffe missionaries to assemble this amazing collection of adventurous tales—-all true-life!  A fantastic family read-aloud.


6.  Doorposts’ Because You Are Strong

2013_0819_135218AAA wonderful and complete Bible study that will introduce your sons to inductive Bible study while showing them how to become strong men of God.  Suitable for ages 11 and up, with parental assistance.

7.  French Essentials2013_1111_142903AA

French Essentials is a fantastic and enjoyable online curriculum that teaches French ably to young people.  It includes pronunciation, reading, writing and speaking activities.  It’s a nice way to painlessly introduce foreign language learning into your homeschool!

8.  See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish

seeItSayItSpanishCover_zpsb1e91d92[1]See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish is a wonderful Spanish language program that incorporates all different learning styles—visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.  It is fun and captures the attention and imagination of the learners immediately.

9.  Vocabulary Spelling City

VSCLogo300x300_zpsa95c604b[1]Teach your children how to spell easily and painlessly!

10.  Logic of English


This reading, writing, spelling and phonics course completely lives up to its name.  It logically teaches children why the English language works as it does and helps them understand the hows and whys behind the ways we spell English.  I only wish we’d had this when Jackson was younger!

Enjoy!  –Wren



4 thoughts on “10 Most Amazing Curricula I Reviewed in 2013

    • Thank you, friend! Yep, we’re late to the Apologia game but now that we’ve found it, I don’t expect that we’re going anywhere!

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