Do you know how Amazon always uses the bottom part of their screen to list some recommendations for you, based on your past purchases or clicks?  Well, one day I found Vanessa Christenson of V and CO.’s fantastic sewing book in that horizontal column.  The title, Make It Sew Modern, and the charming cover photo, drew me in immediately.  The book is filled with projects like ruffled scarves and pillows, jewelry, purses and tote bags, and clothing.  I was hooked!

Vanessa Christenson's wonderful book

Vanessa Christenson’s wonderful book

The only problem?

No sewing machine.

Fast-forward a few months…..and my dear aunt Mim offered me her sewing machine.  I accepted with alacrity, and we brought it home with us from a visit one day.

Suddenly, all sorts of options opened up to me!  I had planned to sew about 4 Christmas gifts…..but ran out of time.  (I forgot that, while creating gifts is amazingly fun, it also takes TIME!)

So, I completed two projects in December.  I found this incredible ruffled scarf in Vanessa’s book that I thought might be just perfect for Finch.

However, it involved several steps that I’d never done (or to be honest, never even THOUGHT of doing) before:

  • First, sewing with knit, and….
  • Second, sewing with elastic thread.

I’m not necessarily a novice seamstress….but I would definitely NOT call myself expert.  Or, as Caroline Bingley likes to say, “accomplished.”  That IS how I’d describe my mother, though.  And fortunately, she lives right across the street!  She brought her sewing machine AND her expertise over.

And, because this project was so new to me, I decided to make the ruffled scarf for myself first…..hoping to work out all the bugs on the one that was NOT a gift.

The end result?  I had a great time working with my mom on the scarf, and l loved the whole process of creating.  It was so enjoyable and I ended up with a fantastic accessory for myself…and a gift for my sister (in a different color), created with love.  Here’s mine below, paired with an H&M dress that was a HUGE bargain.

Jan 20 2014 017

I had such a fantastic experience on this project that one of my goals for the year is to sew something new once each month.  I realize I’m getting down to the wire on January….I’d better get moving!

Enjoy!  –Wren

Also—-Vanessa also has a wonderful tutorial blog, if you’re interested in finding some nifty projects yourself


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