10 Resume pitfalls to avoid!

As a Human Resources professional, I see quite a few resumes and have compiled a list of comical “don’ts” for you to pass on to friends and family looking for a career.

Do not:

1. Address your cover letter to “Dear Sirs” (there are a lot more women than men in HR).

2. Put on your resume that you are looking for a career as a Pharmacy tech and send it in for a job as a Store Manager.

3. Forget to use spell and grammar check (this just screams lack of attention to detail).

4. Put a picture of yourself on your resume (it doesn’t matter if you are in a tuxedo and think you look really nice).

5. Include details of your religious affiliations, number of children, hobbies and how long you’ve been married to your wonderful spouse (trust me, we don’t need or want to know).

6. Leave out months/years of employment (if you say 2005-2006, I think you are hiding something by not being specific).

7. List every job you have had in the last 15 years (they need to be relevant and timely).

8. Put a disconnected phone number or better yet, no phone number at all as your contact information (do I even need to comment on that one)?

9. Drop off a hard copy at the reception desk (e-mail is current, snail mail is old school).

10. Show up at a business and ask to see the Recruiter (you don’t have an appointment and she is busy).

I hope you’ve enjoyed these resume “don’ts”and yes, they happen all the time; the only word I will occasionally over look as being misspelled is “manger” for “manager” because spell check doesn’t catch that one!



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