Things we love……Diet friendly travel snacks!

Traveling will sabotage your diet and can derail your healthy eating resolutions for 2014. Here are a few things that we use on every trip and if you look in my purse right now..some of them are there!

  1. Mixed nuts
  2. Flavored Almonds (Blue Diamond Soy & Wasabi anyone?)
  3. Think Thin bars (Mixed nuts or mixed nuts with chocolate are faves).
  4. Larabar Uber bars (mixed nut roll)
  5. Dried fruit
  6. High Fiber Cereal (Fiber One is a go-to).

You have probably noticed a theme here: Nuts! Filled with good fat, it will save you from grabbing a high fat sandwich, bagel or the ever present airport fast food choices. These will also save you from the hotel mini-bar or questionable in-room dining choices.


And don’t forget to enter the NVAble Items giveaway—

The Blacksmith
Meet Noah.
“I live in Virginia on a small farmish piece of land with my wife and children. We are trying to live completely off this piece of God’s creation. So we live here, grow our food here, teach our children here and now work here. The Items we create here are aesthetically pleasing and intentionally useful. A picture is nice but it is even better when it covers a hole in your wall. I enjoy reworking things considered worthless, making them beautiful and useful again!”
~ Noah V.
  NV Able Items
Noah creates all of his beautiful creations by hand, in his shop, located in Southwestern Virginia. Blacksmithing has always been a passion of his. Developing work from discarded materials continue to provide him with new challenges and a sense of adventure.
Whether it’s a knife made from an old railroad spike, or a rustic spoon from old rebar, Noah delights in making something beautiful, creative and useful, from old materials!
Custom orders are welcome at NV Able items! If you have a need in mind, Noah is willing to help you design or create whatever you may need. The possibilities are endless!
Coat Rack 
Jewlery Holder
Kitchen Utensial Organizer
Pot and Pan Holder 
 Towel Holder
Custom Made Valentine’s Day Gifts
Father’s Day Gifts
Click HERE to View Etsy Shop
To Order A Custom Design
Noah is continuing to develop new items, creations and designs. If you would like to be notified when NEW ITEMS ARE ADDED to his shop, please enter your email below! Emails are only sent out occasionally and your email address will not be sold, traded or used for any other purpose.


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 In honor of the opening of his new Etsy shop, NV Able Items, Noah is giving away a beautiful coat rack with 3 hand forged hooks and brackets on reclaimed wood from a rustic Virginian barn. 


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