10 Valentine's gift ideas!

Countdown to V-day…if you haven’t gotten your significant other a present yet, here are some inexpensive ideas to get started.





  1. Have a romantic dinner in bed; candles, wine, chocolate and an assortment of small plate appetizers.
  2. Go bowling, winner gets a special, romantic prize!
  3. Create a book of special coupons for them to redeem year-round (massages, day doing what they want to do, etc.)
  4. Bubble bath with candlelight, champagne and strawberries.
  5. Buy inexpensive heart cookie cutters and transform everyday food into something special (even PB&J)!
  6. Go to your favorite gourmet store and pick out wine, cheese, olives and bread for a romantic french meal.
  7. Create a heart shaped gift in your house or backyard (use colored stones in the yard, rose petals in the house).
  8. Buy a box of sweethearts candy and write out a special sentence (short!) with the hearts.
  9. Put together a spa basket with bubble bath, lotion, loofah and candles.
  10. Pack a picnic and drive to a beautiful outdoor location you have never been to (don’t forget the blanket)!



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