Things we love..Bengals!

The Bengal cat is a hybrid; which means is was cross-bred with a domestic cat and and an Asian Leopard Cat. The Asian Leopard cats are a bit smaller in size than domestic cats; our Cleo weighs in at 10 lbs of lean muscle mass.

Ours definitively resembles a leopard with quite distinctive markings. You must be an experienced cat owner to own a Bengal, high energy and hi-jinks abound, along with a very vocal and demanding personality. You should not ever purchase a Bengal that is less than 4 generations removed as it is too close to the wild Asian Leopard. Although I know Cleo is 4 generations removed…when she was a kitten I sure had my doubts.

Some people think that because it is named a Bengal, it has been bred with the quite wild and large Bengal tiger. I’ve since explained i will not get mauled as she gets older:)

My beautiful princess is featured above, in one of her calm moments.



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