Guest Post link….and teaser!

Several months ago, I wrote a guest blog post for my friend Lisa over at Golden Grasses.  She is a wonderful fellow Schoolhouse Review Crew member, and a special friend.  My post was a bit of my story, sharing some amazing things that God has done in me and for me as I walked thru two difficult and unexpected surgeries back at the end of 2012.

The crazy thing was, I emailed my post to Lisa several times.

It NEVER showed up in her inbox!

Then, about a week and a half ago, she emailed me about something totally unrelated, and when I answered her I mentioned the post.  She searched in her computer and never found it….because it apparently NEVER got to her!

We decided that God was just waiting on His perfect timing….which wasn’t in December at all, but now.

Here is a link to that post, if you’d like to check it out.  And browse through the rest of Lisa’s blog.  You will love her!

And, just to let you know, I’ll be sharing my review of my friend Bonnie Rose Hudson’s book “Asia:  Its People and History” in just a couple of days.  AND I’ll be giving away 2 PDF copies of this wonderful book, as well as sharing a discount code for anyone who’d like to purchase a copy.  Keep your eyes peeled for that one!

pray Asia History PeopleEnjoy!  –Wren



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