10 things people are giving up for Lent!

I wasn’t raised in the Catholic faith, but I am married to a man educated by nuns (in the strictest sense). I found that many of my co-workers are Catholic and follow the traditions common with Lent. Beginning with Ash Wednesday which was, of course, on Wednesday, March 5th. This marked the beginning of Lent. Lent lasts for 40 days and 40 nights until the end on Thursday, April 17th.

Lent was first practiced as a period of introspection into one’s life and deeds accompanied by fasting to prepare for Easter. These days, it is more common for people to pick something that would be a sacrifice for them to do without and eliminate that item from their lives during Lent.

Some sacrificial items I’ve heard lately?

  1. Answering the phone when the mother-in-law is calling (and I guess being nice?)
  2. Giving up cokes
  3. Giving up meat
  4. Giving up alcohol
  5. Giving up sugar
  6. Giving up chocolate
  7. Giving up reality T.V.
  8. Giving up fast food
  9. Stop swearing
  10. Giving up bread

What have you heard people give up for Lent?



2 thoughts on “10 things people are giving up for Lent!

  1. Interesting post as we enter my personal favorite season of the year: Lent and Easter! A beautiful time that strengthens my faith every year. I can feel the Holy Spirit everywhere during this time. As a practicing Catholic, I get the sense that it’s more about changing one’s behavior. We bless and distribute ashes to remind us of our mortality and desire to come back to God through reconciliation and penance. “From dust you came and to dust you shall return”. Yesterday in mass, Father George spoke during the homily of the journey through Lent and encouraged us to do things like charitable works, avoiding gossip, judging less, reflecting on our past transgressions and seeking reconciliation, taking one night a week and turning the television off to read a few passages from the Bible…etc.
    It’s more about bettering yourself spiritually than trying to better yourself physically. Unfortunately that is what it’s turned in to. Yes, sacrifice is good but sacrifice in a different way; a way that brings you closer to God and your fellow man, not sacrifice in the sense of having the willpower to refuse chocolate.

  2. A few folks I know are giving up Facebook and/or other forms of addictive social media! We are not giving up, but adding to. We are reading a Psalm with each meal. It’s early but so far, so good!

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