Things We Love: Yummy Milkshakes

Hi! It’s me, Jackson.

You can tell that this is a special day ’cause I never post on weekends. OK, with that out of the way…remember Yummy Milkshakes? Well, this is the second installment in the Yummy Milkshakes collection. Behold…the BIRTHDAY BLEND!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 2014 037OK, before we get into the recipe, I need to tell you something. You should follow the recipe perfectly or you will not get the same result.

What you will need:

A carton of milk, Vanilla ice cream, and a box of strawberry cake mix.

First make the cake, then you can read further.

You’re done? OK! Now you need to let the cake cool.

Done cooling already? Wow! That was fast! This is where things get interesting. Now, cut a slice of cake and then put it in the blender. Then, pour in some milk and add 2 to 3 scoops of the vanilla ice cream. Now blend it all together. Once you are done, you will have a glass full of Birthday Blend milkshake*!

(*Please note that this recipe only makes about one glass worth of milkshake. Experiment with different quantities of milkshake to serve more people!)

Well, that just about does it! Enjoy your Birthday Blend!

Yummy Milkshakes III is coming this spring…




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