Simple, Easy and Delicious Dessert!

Some time ago our dear friend M. blessed us with a week’s worth of meals.  We were overwhelmed by her kindness and service, and God’s goodness!  One of the special treats she brought us was this salty-caramelly dessert appetizer.  When she told me what it was, after I asked for the recipe, I couldn’t believe it!  About the same time I ran across the recipe on Pinterest, posted by gudtast.  If you are a fan of salty caramel and chocolate, you MUST make these, whether they’re to take to a party or to enjoy with your family.  I was never really a fan of Rolo candies, but when you bake them they soften up and when you’re finished with this recipe, you’ll find it tastes like something incredible that’s completely made from scratch.  And it’s a fantastic treat to make when you are short on time.  Click on the gudtast link for the recipe, but here’s what it looks like!

March 2012 001You start with mini-pretzels, and lay them out on a jelly roll pan.  Then you place one Rolo candy on each pretzel.

March 2012 004Then, you bake them at a low heat for a short period of time.  When you remove them from the oven, carefully press a pecan half onto the top of each Rolo, which will be melty (don’t burn your fingers!) and hot.  While I wouldn’t recommend this as an activity for small children with parents, my 12yo helped me and he did just fine.  You can also press extra pretzels onto the Rolos instead of pecans, which we did for my husband, who’s not quite the pecan fan I am.

After they cool for a bit, you’ll need to put the tray into the fridge for a couple of hours so that the caramel/chocolate will harden up.

This is the most delicious, homemade-y tasting treat…..and obviously, the easiest!  Just be forewarned…they won’t stick around that long after you make them!

Enjoy!  –Wren

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