More Goodies from Emeals!

I shared a bit with you last week here, about my amazing meal-planning service, emeals.  I’ve only been part of their Blogger Network since January, but I have been so impressed with their varied and delicious meal plans since then!  Here’s what we had for dinner, from the Clean Eating Slow Cooker Plan:

March 2012 031This recipe, Garlic Chuck Roast in Creamy Tomato Sauce, cooked all day in our slow cooker.  And it is the simplest recipe!  A beef roast, canned diced tomatoes, cream cheese, minced garlic and chopped onion.  Done!  The recipe called for orzo and asparagus as a side, but I felt more like having brown rice.  And we had no asparagus.  But we did have frozen peas!

Dinner was so delicious.  The roast was SO tender and the diced tomatoes and cream cheese made the most flavorful sauce.  And the bonus is….we’ll be using 2C of the roast for another meal later in the week!

Emeals is holding a Get Healthy Campaign, where you can purchase any meal plan for 15% off with the code eathealthy15.  And, they’re also premiering a new Kid-Friendly Plan soon, for any of you who might have picky eaters at home!

Go to emeals to see their plans and take advantage of this nice deal.  Happy eating!

Enjoy!  –Wren


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