10 pitfalls to avoid when interviewing!

When you are interviewing for a job, especially one in an office setting, you should dress for the position. An interviewer will immediately discount a candidate if they are not professionally dressed. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on a new outfit either, suitable attire can be found at your local Walmart. Business casual is usually the rule at most offices, ask your recruiter what the dress code is!

Now, the following “don’ts” may seem simple, but for many people, especially those just starting out in the workforce, they aren’t!

  1. No miniskirts: skirts should be no higher than 3″ above the center of the knee
  2. No cleavage showing or sheer tops
  3. Excessive makeup: you aren’t going to a club, you’ll be viewed in bright, glaring lighting.
  4. No stiletto or platform pumps (see above about club)
  5. No jeans
  6. No excessive perfume (you don’t want to risk a sneezing fit)
  7. Turn off your cellphone and keep it stashed (your ringtone set to “Roar” is a killer)
  8. No GUM!!
  9. No chipped nail polish
  10. Don’t be late: it tells them you really don’t care.

I hope these tips help you or a family member get off on the right foot!



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