5 Days of Finchnwren’s Fabulous Family Movies–Day 5, Family Devotions

movie blog hop picmonkeyIt’s Day 5 of our 5 Days of Finchnwren’s Fabulous Family Movies!  Today, I’d like to share with you some of our favorite DVD resources for family worship.

Do you and your family spend time in worship or spiritual training outside a formal church setting?  If not, I’d like to encourage you in this very simple yet meaningful way to spend time together as a family.  We generally do this on Sundays although you could certainly do it at any time during the week.  We combine some worship music along with some excellent video footage from a couple of our favorite movies drawn from the New Testament.

March 2012 056Integrity Music has a wonderful video series called Shout Praises Kids.  They have about ten songs per DVD of popular Christian music, with lyrics on the screen over colorful backgrounds, landscapes or video of children singing.  We have 5 or 6 of these, and they are wonderful to sing along to for worship or to just pop in to have in the background.  And, if you’re not personally a worship leader but would like to include singing in your family devotional time, this is a simple and fun way to do it!

In the shot above, I also have another VeggieTales family favorite, An Easter Carol.  This tale shifts Ebenezer Scrooge’s story to the VeggieTales universe, with Ebenezer Nezzer taking the title role.  Rebecca Saint James voices the character of Hope, who takes Nezzer through his journey of Easters past, present and future.  It includes an incredible gospel presentation using stained glass windows.  Definitely pull this one out at Easter!

March 2012 055The Gospel of John and The Gospel According to Matthew are my favorites among the Jesus movies out there.  Each of these well-made and well-acted films use word-for-word dialogue and narration from the gospels of John and Matthew.  The scenes are set up in the Scene Selection portion of the DVD menu by verse, so you can select the parts you’d like to watch each time, whether you’re journeying through the entire gospels or you want to show your children a particular portion of Scripture.  These are both wonderful but are quite different in tone and presentation.

My dear friend Janyne recommended The Gospel According to Matthew to us a number of years ago.  This Jesus absolutely overflows with love and joy.  You can see why He would be willing to give his life for mankind; it is so obvious that He loves them so deeply!  The Sermon on the Mount is particularly effective here.  The story is told by an older Matthew, who’s relating the story as scribes record it, to his children and grandchildren.

We also love The Gospel of John.  This Jesus is more serious, less joyful, but the film is equally good.  Some of the best scenes include Philip’s bringing Nathaniel to Jesus; the healing of the man born blind; and the wedding at Cana.  It absolutely has my most-favorite John the Baptist ever.

These films provide another way, besides reading aloud or personal reading, to bring your children face-to-face with the Bible and Jesus.  They have been a sweet and wonderful tool and resource for us, and have so encouraged us!

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Enjoy!  –Wren




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