Business buzzphrases…….!

You’ve all probably noticed the strange sayings that pepper the lexicon of the business world; they are all quite odd and seem to be trotted out frequently during any manner of discussions, eventually being adopted into our personal culture as well.

Although they are cringe-worthy, I decided to share them and see what your thoughts are (yes, they seem to be created by the male species).

  1. When the rubber meets the road
  2. Throw them under the bus
  3. You’ve got to kick the tires
  4. Kick it to the curb
  5. It is what it is
  6. When push comes to shove
  7. For all intents and purposes

and my all time personal favorite (which I have never uttered in seriousness):

Low hanging fruit…


Let me know if you have any others to add or if you find any of them popping out unexpectedly…!


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