Tomato Time!

Once again, I was about a month late in starting my tomatoes indoors.  Despite having had the seed starter box for that entire month.

But!  I got them started in the peat pots about a week ago.

This year, we’re trying four kinds of tomatoes:

March 2012 114Romas, cherry tomatoes (Sweeties), a beefsteak-esque type called Delicious, and my first heirloom tomato, Old German.

Here’s the starter box:

March 2012 112I soaked the seeds in water overnight, and planted about 3 in each peat circle.

And here’s the box with the lid off.

March 2012 113The leaves you can see are just the cotyledons; the first true leaves ought to be popping out soon.  Once that happens, I’ll let them grow for another week, then I’ll pinch off the weaker stems, leaving the strongest plant alone in each circle.

More steps to come…..but I’m hoping to have lots of tomatoes to transplant into our raised garden beds in late May!

We LOVE home-grown tomatoes.

As you can tell.  🙂

Enjoy!  –Wren


4 thoughts on “Tomato Time!

  1. Rob’s reading this book right now that you may like called “All New Square Foot Gardening”. It’s all about gardening in boxes. It’s supposed to be an easy and productive way to grow vegetables! Let us know how the little tomato plants fare!

  2. Awesome! Josh’s tomato plants are big and ready to go out this week BUT the weather is not cooperating, so they are taking over our household right now, literally! So I’m not sure which is better – to start late or have a tomato infestation! May all of our tomatoes turn out delicious no matter how/when they are planted and harvested!

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